2019/2020 MBP 16" and Nikons

So those of you that use a MBP 16" 2019/2020 with Nikon cameras that use XQD memory cards you may have noticed that the Sony card reader does not work when connected directly into the laptop… (PS it does work with the older 15.6" model). There are two solutions to the issue:

  1. use a dongle that allows you to plug in a USB-A/USB 3.0 blade cable into your laptop.
  2. Use a Thunderbolt docking staton that will allow you to use a USB-C connection from the card reader to the laptop.

I have tested both solutions personally and found they both work.

I highly recommend the Anker dongle (USB with gigabit Ethernet port) or the Anker Thunderbolt 3 Docking station.

Yes, the docking station is not cheap, but then you get a tons of ports and a charging station all in one. Allowing you to use External Monitors, wired ethernet, and a ton of USB connections all the while keeping the laptop charged with your phone also and only using 1 port of the 4 on the laptop.

Using the docking station may also be a solution with the CaptureOne 20 issue with Catalina, but I have not tested for that since that will allow you to use regular USB ports (A or C cable) and not have to worry about the Thunderbolt port on the laptop since the dock is doing the work there in the backend.

BTW I have no affiliation with Anker, I just like their products because they do the job I want them to do.

Have a good one and have fun making images…

David Staggs
PI 2019

Thanks for sharing this info David!