Any tips for a high school photographer in training?

Any tips for a high school photographer in training??


Hi Sara! I took a digital photography class in high school and it was probably my favorite class in high school. In that class, I had a great teacher, learned a lot about different types of photography, and frequently learned from and was inspired by my classmates’ work. So, I would say try to find some peers or a mentor to encourage you to improve and expand your photography. Practice photography a lot to experiment, train your eye, and find out what you like to photograph. And try to get inspired by other photographers and other art. If you want to get a how-to book on some basics of photography, I think Bryan Petersen’s Understanding Exposure is a good book. And of course, read your camera’s manual! I hope that helps and have fun!

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Hi Sara,
There are many great, inspiring books out there you could browse through - some with great technical tips, and most with inspiring imagery. Your local library is a cheap way to check some out. But some of my favorites are:
Nature / Wildlife: Jim Zuckerman’s books
People: Lindsay Adler’s books
Fine Art/Conceptual/People: Brooke Shaden
Product & Food: Joe Lavine (Peachpit Press)
Architectural: Norman McGrath and/or Michael Harris

There’s also huge amounts of content on YouTube, although it’s pretty hard to parse through what may or may not be useful for your skills and interests, or be too advanced, or waste your time (there’s lots there that will waste your time). For sure, check out RMSP’s YouTube at and you can find some great beginner lessons on up through more-advanced topics.

Beyond those inspiring sources: the main pillars you should be looking for are 1. Shoot Raw 2. Shoot in Manual Mode (or at the least, Aperture Priority) 3. Process those Raws using software

If you are unsure, start here:

And keep in touch with us here at RMSP!

I would try to start with a rebel series camera because it has pre set settings and they should start with all different types of photography and get lenses based on what they liked the most.

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Take a photograph every day. Even if you don’t have your main camera with you.