Best mat cutter for photographers?

First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone! And secondly…a question. Do any of you cut your own mats for framing? What is your experience with regard to features to look for, brand, etc? I bought one today but it only has a bevel cutter. It didn’t include a way to cut straight, which I thought was odd. I used a Michael’s coupon for 50% off so I gambled on it, but I’m going to return it.

Hi Christal,
Merry Christmas back to you and your family! I use a Logan Simplex matt cutter, similar to this one. It has a straight cutter and a bevel cutter, and also has a long guide bar on the left which is very helpful. I’m not great at cutting matts, but it’s not the matt cutter’s fault, it’s mine :grinning:. I think this is a pretty good one. You might want to reach out to Marcy at Paper & Ink and get her recommendations. She knows a lot about the world of presentation.


Hi Jeanne…and if it isn’t too late…Happy New Year!! I’m just seeing this because we had a deluge of company over the holiday. Fun times! Thanks for this info. That’s the brand I have been seeing, so now I just need to decide which features I want or need, which will obviously affect the price. I hope I can get good at cutting my own mats because I’m getting tired of running to the framing place for all of my work. :slight_smile:

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I use to cut my mats and used a Logan, probably the one Jeanne mentioned.

Depending on the volume you are using you may want to partner with the frame shop. When I had my gallery there was a frame shop on the corner which let me use their mat cutter with mats which I purchased, as well as their wall cutter to quickly cut down foam core or mats as well. This was a real timesaver and we built a relationship. If they needed some quick photos done for promos, etc. I would just do that in exchange for being able to use this on a pretty regular schedule.

The other thing the frame shop had available were “artist packs”. This was them doing the work at a wholesale cost, yes I wasn’t getting the same markups as when I cut my own mats but the end product was much better and I was able to use that time on other items. The packs could either be single or double mat and even included the plastic bag if you were doing just bin work. When doing art festivals outsourcing some of the work helped as having volume of inventory during a show available in bins does help.

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