Best resource for learning color grading for Premiere?

What’s the best resource (i.e. video series, book, whatever) to become proficient at color grading video (using Premiere Pro)?

I’m interested in two things:

#1) Creating high-level, professional-looking color grades and the ability to create the “feel” I want just by changing the colors.

#2) Gaining a workflow that allows for QUICK color grading for things like daily vlogs where I’d like decent color grading, but super high-level grading is not necessary. Example: Iz Harris ( )

I’ve been making YouTube videos for about a year and understand the absolute basics. I shoot with a Panasonic GH5, edit with Premiere, and I’m only planning on posting to YouTube, in the near future anyways. I only kind of understand the Lumetri Scopes stuff. I’m not shooting LOG because I watched a tutorial where the guy convinced me that it’s not necessary for someone like me. I have been experimenting with a flat color profile in camera (turning saturation, contrast, sharpness to zero), but maybe that’s not even necessary to achieve #2 (see above).

Any recommendations greatly appreciated!

Hi Dave,

Certainly check out some tutorials on YouTube! I like Gerald Undone and Who is Matt Johnson. There’s also a paid service called Color Grading Central you could look into. There are a number of YouTubers out there with good Lumetri tutorials, Peter McKinnon also shows some of this. For starters.


Thanks Jeff. Yeah, I’ve been watching some of their YouTube videos and definitely benefiting. I am kind of looking for more of a “course” so that I don’t jump around tutorials, leaving holes in my game. So I’ll definitely check out Color Grading Central.

Some of the ‘look’ and flexibility you likely desire will also be wrapped up in how your camera is baking color to the file - so a LOG setting may actually be beneficial to you if you want the most flexibility over your dynamic range and color, but it’s more work than a baked-in setting that simply makes things pop out of camera. The question for you as a YouTuber would really be whether you are looking for all videos to have a similar aesthetic or to grade them all differently based on different shooting locations. LOG will give you the most flexibility to place a consistent look over all videos. You may even be able to achieve a base-line correction with an Input LUT (possible Panasonic has some to download?) and then use an Adjustment layer in your timeline to apply a creative LUT or slider choices to get creative with the look.

You know, it slipped my mind that I could use a LUT because I’ve only used them a few times. I guess I was shying away from shooting LOG because I figured it would add a lot of time/steps to the work flow. But not really with LUTs huh? Thanks for the reminder!

Dave, yes, if you can shoot in LOG and find the appropriate Input lut, it can speed up the corrective color - then from there you can either use Creative Luts in varying degrees of opacity, or use sliders to tone/color the file into other spectrums. There’s also the HueSat area where you can define masks and the Color Wheels to grade shadows one color and Highlights another. You can also apply color mattes to the file and filter them through using Blending Modes found in the Effects Control panel. This image here is just a Fuji XT-3 in Log and the Input LUT applied, no other changes.