Big Sur operating system & Lightroom

Has anyone upgraded yet to Big Sur operating system on Mac computers? Have there been any incompatibility issues with Lightroom or Photoshop? Thanks! I’m taking my MacBook Pro in for repairs, and I’m certain they will want to upgrade my system.

Dear Christal Steele,

I would not recommend upgrading to OS X 11 (Big Sur) at this time. Here is a list of the known bugs, so far, with Adobe Lightroom (Cloud-Based) and the latest Apple operating system:

And here is a link to the list of known bugs with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic and OS X 11:

David Marx

Thanks so much for all of this information. As it turns out, the problem was simply battery and keyboard issues…battery was gone, and the keyboard had sticking keys. So I don’t think they will need to do anything with the operating system after all. They will be keeping my computer for a few days, but I put a big note on my screen asking them not to upgrade to Big Sur. :slight_smile: I do appreciate reading about the issues though. I’m of the mind to never upgrade right away to allow the bugs to be worked out. BTW, I hope you get this response. I’m without my computer, and I’m using my husband’s computer. Things look different here. :slight_smile:

Good Morning Christal,

Glad to hear that your computer will be working again soon. The hard part to express about your question is time frame. At this point, I would not suggest that anyone upgrade to Big Sur (OS X 11.) But that is not going to be a permanent recommendation!

Eventually I think that the new OS will probably be more secure and faster. My advice though is to let others find the bugs especially with Lightroom for you first and then make the leap.

David Marx

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I’ve upgraded to Big Sur on my Intel MacBook Pro and iMac and no problems so far in limited usage, except be careful to choose the new Catalog in LR. However, if you plan to back up with Carbon Copy Cloner, you need to upgrade to the latest version and read the documentation if you want a Bootable backup. I have two bootable backups in Catalina just in case: One bootable backup in BigSur on MBP but I had to do a restart twice for the laptop to recognize the external drive as bootable.

I’ve upgraded my computer with Big Sur and have not seen any problem running Lightroom at this time.