Canon 5D MK IV or Canon 5DSR

I currently have a Canon 5D MK III and was looking to upgrade. I shoot mainly landscapes and macro but want to branch out into portrait work and some street photography. I would value thoughts from the group.

Did anyone reply to this? I am also thinking along the same lines and would love to know the reply.

I’ve used both. The 5DSR would be amazing for landscapes. However, it may be too much data for portraiture if you aren’t also excellent in Photoshop because that sensor will show EVERYTHING. You’ll spend time retouching people with that sensor! And it’s a slower camera compared to the Mark 4 in terms of shooting many shots in a portrait scenario. If you shoot more people, Mark4 is great. If you shoot for big print and don’t need fast, 5DSR all the way.

Thanks Jeff, appreciate your thoughts!

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