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I am a documentary-style/portrait photographer by heart who is frequently traveling and on the go. I currently own a Canon 5D Mark IV which I know and love deeply, but it gets heavy and bulky to travel with… and honestly feels a little intimidating and sometimes encroaching to stick in someone’s face when I’m traveling and exploring new cultures. The idea of a lighter and smaller Canon mirrorless camera is very attractive to me… although I don’t know much about them yet, and don’t think I would currently be able to afford a mirrorless body as well as RF lenses. I know that I could use my current EF lenses on the mirrorless body with an adaptor, however, I worry that this would defeat the purpose of having something smaller and lighter… and might end up feeling a lot like what I already have. I would love to hear any feedback from those who have experience with Canon mirrorless cameras. Are they worth it? Are there any drawbacks to them vs. say a 5D Mark IV? Do you find that it is actually nicer weight-wise or for travel? Which model do you recommend? Etc. :relaxed:

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Excellent questions. I have the same issue and the same questions, except that I am a Nikon user (D850). I very much like the D850 and the 2.8 28-70 mm lens I use most often, but it is really heavy. So is it worth 5K to switch just to get a lighter camera? One issue with Nikon (don’t know about Canon) is that the “kit” 28-70 f4 lens for the mirrorless camera is much lighter (and cheaper) than the “pro” 2.8 version. I really don’t care about the extra f stop, so it’s a trade off between image quality and weight. So is the f4 really that much lower grade in image quality than the 2.8? So if anyone has a response to Bethany’s question, I’d also be interested (with any added insights about Nikon you could throw in). Thanks.

Hey Bethany and James,

These are all excellent questions. I think I’ll be making a video on our YouTube channel in the next couple of weeks to answer them. It’s too much for me to write. I’ll post it here once it’s done!


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Canon prefers you to keep/buy full frame sensor cameras. The mirror-less line is very limited both in body and lenses and certainly will not match the quality of 5D MkIV and EF lenses. After shooting Canon for 25 years I traded in my MkIV for Fuji platform and lenses (X-H1). The primary reason for this was that I could no longer carry the bulk of a full-frame gear and after testing I realized that moving to Fuji did not require me to compromise image quality. I print 16x24 max and the images from APS-C sensor is fine enough

Thanks @FoChap, I am interested in this topic as well, for Canon. I have a Canon 6D Mark II right now and have contemplated upgrading to a used 5D Mark IV, but then I get hung up with the mirrorless option. Not sure if it’d be better to just wait and upgrade to mirrorless for the long haul? Curious on your thoughts. Thanks for doing a video post!

I switched from a Canon DSLR to Canon mirrorless (R6) a few months ago, I would say the biggest differences (non-physical) I can see is noise tolerance and low light is incredible, I have usable night images all the way up to 51K ISO, and the RF lenses are much sharper. The biggest difference physically is the size, the mirrorless is a good bit smaller and more compact than my DSLR. The weight isn’t very noticeable, the body only weighs 1/4 Lb less than the DSLR, and the RF lenses weigh the same if not more than the EF versions. I still mostly use EF lenses with an adapter and they work great although you do lose 3 stops of stabilization if you chose to use EF. Hope some of that helps.