Editing Software

Curious to know if anyone has any experience with Davinci Resolve or Avid Media Composer (I dabbled with Avid in college but remember next to nothing about the software).

The main perk to Premiere seems to be just that’s a part of the larger Adobe Ecosystem and blends well with similar hotkeys, and that it integrates with After Effects and Bridge. But I’m definitely interested in other options, particularly one that will allow me to pay a single download price rather than a monthly subscription (especially once the student discount goes away!).

Pros? Cons? Other software names that are lesser known?

I personally love DaVinci Resolve. Runs much smoother than premiere, it also doesn’t crash. Very robust piece of software and it’s free.

We don’t teach it in Professional Intensive because it’s just not that common out there in the industry. For personal projects though, it’s fantastic.

I’ve heard that Resolve is free… But I also found software for it being sold on B&H. I’ll have to look into the difference in features.

Thoughts on Avid, Forest? Had a chat with a documentary editor recently and he said it was industry standard and knowing it could be a good gateway to some work.

I know that the media production company here in Missoula - Warm Springs Productions - is on Avid. They do lots of reality tv type shows - so I know when it comes to multi-camera types of productions (2-3 roving cameras) where you have timecode footage and a whole lot of lav mics in play (equaling a whole lot of files to manage and sync up) and the need for quick turn-around and graphics options mixed in - Avid is industry standard. Interestingly, I believe that they also do their color grading from Avid to Davinci and back so they use Davinci in the color pipeline - but the logging/syncing/editing is Avid in a larger company such as that. Wouldn’t hurt to know it if being an editor of multi-camera footage with many audio sources is what you want to do - if you just want to do your own projects though, Premiere and Davinci are plenty.

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