Expo Disc for white balance

Has anyone used an Expo Disc to help with white balance and would like to comment on them?


Hi Susan. I have an Expo disk and I think they are good depending on what you shoot. In natural light situations it’s great especially if the light changes like clouds passing by or golden hour coming on. They’re great since you don’t have to have someone hold a white card each time the light changes. They can be super handy indoors with odd light or mixed light colors too.
I will say that AWB does a really good job as well provided the scene is not heavily weighted to one color. I will shoot with the Expo Disk, white card, and with AWB and compare the three on occasion for a side by side comparison and they are usually pretty close.
I’ve had mine for several years and outdoors in dynamic lighting is where I think it’s best suited for my work.
Hope this helps.

Mike Lawrence

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