External Hard Drive for MacBook Pro

I recently purchased a new MBP M1 and have started to have issues with my hard drive arrangement. I kind of have a mess of external drives between my work files, photo files and back ups. I am an intermediate I would say as to tech issues, but not sure I can handle a RAD or other more complex solutions.

I would say I need 5T to be safe and a way to keep a back up. I would value any suggestions.



Look on this site https://eshop.macsales.com/ and see if there’s something that will work for you. The prices of solid state drives is coming down (maybe not in the 5T range) and they offer a variety of other solutions. A rack of piggybacked hard drives might work for you without being in a RAID configuration.

Hi Richard! Congrats on the new computer! Just now seeing this, but I wonder if @FoChap would be able to give you a quick recommendation on how to proceed given your situation. He has more experience with advanced backup systems than I do, but I will share my thoughts below too in case you find it useful.

My own two cents would be to consider the simplest method of copying everything personal use from all the smaller drives onto one large drive (5TB or similar) and then buying a duplicate size drive to maintain as a backup using Carbon Copy Cloner (and hopefully eventually a third drive for an offsite backup). Also buy a second set of two drives to use for your work files (just to keep those separate from your personal files). This would be a sustainable and simply archive process moving forward and as Mel said, the price of drives has come down significantly in recent years so a large drive isn’t as expensive. Solid state is ideal if you can swing it, but a spinning disk drive should suffice as well if treated with care.