External Hard Drive Recommendations

I need a recommendation for storing all my videos or if you all recommend Cloud Storage (and which one). Thank you!

I would stick to external hard drives. Cloud storage is generally too slow for many video files (depends on your internet speed).

If you are going the external hard drive route and you plan to edit videos directly off of the drive, I would recommend a solid state drive (SSD). Something like this would be perfect: https://bhpho.to/2QSgY2V

Thanks, Forest. Appreciate the quick response! Hope all is well :slight_smile:

Dear Kim Langley,

For better advice please tell us a few more details–

  • What type of computer are you using? Make and model would be fantastic details.

*Roughly how many gigabytes, or terabytes, of video do you currently have and how much do you anticipate shooting in the next year or so?

*Is bulk storage at a lower cost a high priority or is editing speed and performance of top importance?

david marx

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