Fuji X-E1 Power Board Issues

Fuji X-E1 question and hopefully some help out there.

I have a 6-year old Fuji X-E1. I haven’t used it consistently or so much in those years. Now I get a “protected card” error every time I turn it on. The cards are not protected. I’ve purchased a brand new card and I get the same issue.

Fuji tells me I need a new Power Board but they don’t make them anymore or replace them. I can send my camera in and get a new X-E3 replacement for $330. A new one is $599 at this time.

Has anyone experienced the same and have some advice? HELP and thanks!!

Cameras have a physical switch inside that detects whether the write-protection tab on the SD card is activated or not. Yours might be stuck in the locked position. You can try fixes #4 or 4A on the following page to try and fix it.

This is an awesome article! Thanks for all the great info!