Fuji X-E3 Not Compatible with LR5

I have yet to upgrade my LR5 (yes, a definite project on my list along with a new laptop) so for the time being the files on my Fuji X-E3 are not compatible to download into LR5.

I’ve read a bit about converting my exif files etc. but have not attempted. I thought I would check with our experts first :o)

Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!

Hey Lisa! This definitely sounds like a question for the experts: @FoChap and @davidmarx :slight_smile:

Dear @lisausher,

The problem that you are encountering with your new Fuji raw files and your old version of Lightroom is very common. It’s a problem of technological advance and time.

When your version of Lightroom was released back in 2013, the sensor that lives inside of your new Fuji was inconceivable and beyond anything that Adobe could have foreseen.

Like everyone who encounters this problem- trying to force an old raw processor to understand how to deal with brand new files- you now have four options.


  1. You could shoot jpeg files with the new camera since the jpeg file format is something that your old version of Lightroom can understand.
  2. As you know, you could update to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic v.11 which is completely capable of understanding the raw data inside of those new Fuji files.
  3. You could switch to some other modern type of raw processing program like OnOne Photo Raw or Capture One and abandon Lightroom.
  4. You could use the stand-alone Adobe DNG Conversion utility to convert your raw files into a format that your version of Lightroom can at least display. This option adds complexity to your workflow and even after the conversion you will still find working with these files frustrating but it is free and requires no update to your current version of Lightroom.

I wish that Adobe, and all of the digital camera manufacturers, would make it clear that to use the raw files from a brand new camera that you must also have an up-to-date raw processing program and a computer that can handle this job. Sadly though, this kind of warning is rarely mentioned when purchasing a new camera.

I hope this helps and that you will eventually get every last bit of beautiful detail out of those new Fuji files.

David Marx