Fuji X-T3 problem

At times when I change out a battery in my Fuji X-T3, the camera will delete my custom settings and require me to re-enter the date. I also have the X-T1 and it never did that. Any ideas on why this happens and how to correct it?
It is very frustrating.

Hi Julie,

I’ve never had that happen to me and I’ve used the X-T3 for years. That is frustrating.

Just a quick check, are you running the newest firmware (4.10)? To check, simply hold the DISP/BACK button while turning on the camera and you should see your current version. If it’s not 4.10, I would definitely update it and see if that fixes your problem.

Here’s a great video on how to update: https://youtu.be/g8C-S5t9mwg

Let me know how it goes!

I never experienced this problem when I was using the X-T3 which has been a while since I’m on the X-T4. Are you using Fuji brand batteries? If not, this could be a possible cause since all batteries are not equal. If you can not figure it out I would reach out to Fuji Technical Support.

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