Good External Monitor for 2021 MBP M1

I always use an external monitor when I am working on a lot of editing. I calibrate both external and MBP monitor. I am having issues with my LG monitor and would like to find a good replacement. Don’t want to spend $1,000 but want to get a decent monitor. Really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance!

Hi Richard, Forest recommended my class the BenQ monitors. I have a BenQ PD2700Q.

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@npenn18 is correct, BenQ monitors are my go-to. These days the BenQ 2720U is my recommendation for most people which is the slightly newer version of the PD2700Q.

Thank you Nicholas! I appreciate it! I wish more folks used this Forum as I find it very helpful!


Thanks Forest. I really appreciate the help.

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We wish that too! We’re trying our best to get more active users on this platform. Thank you both for being regular viewers. We appreciate it!

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I got the BenQ today as it was on sale at BH. Thanks again. An early Christmas gift to me! You guys do an amazing job with the Forums and YouTube Channel. Amazing resources so readily available. I have had several RMSP instructors over the years provide invaluable help. I always give the YouTube Channel a shout out if appropriate when taking online classes. Thanks.