How-To Film Cameras

Hey all,

I recently found a Nikon EM and a Pentax K1000 in a box in my grandmother’s attic. She gave them to me as a goodbye gift. I was wondering if anyone has experience with film cameras. Just a basic how-to. I know there are different ISO films, but that’s about it. I have a 50mm on the Nikon with a 2x teleconverter and a 50mm on the Pentax. I obviously know shutter speed and aperture. I mostly need help with the film choice, how to take care of the film, where to get it developed, how to properly change films, and the modes on the cameras, etc.



Hi William,

Here’s a video that I made on some of these topics.

As far as film, the less-expensive film and developing is color print film - a process called C-41. Kodak Portra 160 & 400 are both beautiful portrait films. Ektar is another one out there known for saturated warm tones, good for fall foliage.
Transparency film (E-6 process) is harder to expose and harder to find developers for lately, this more expensive all around. Same goes for black & white process.
Most C-41 developers offer scan at the time of develop which is nice to get your images digitized in one fail swoop.
Keeping film in the fridge is a good way to go if you buy a bulk amount and keep it around for a while, just let it come up to room temperature before you take it out of the plastic cartridge to load. Hope this helps get you going!



I’m comfortable shooting film and would be down to meet up if you ever want. Just let me know when you’re free!

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