In camera Copyright

Canon 5 D Mark III:

I know there is a page a page in the menu that allows you to set your copyright information in camera. What I can’t figure out is how to actually input the copyright settings ex inputting author name and copyright details. Any thoughts out there?

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Hi Robin,

Most cameras only allow you to input minimal copyright information. I think the 5D Mark III only allows author name. The rest of the information will still need to be added on import using Lightroom Classic.

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Hi Robin,

You can set the copyright information using the Canon application “EOS Utility”. I believe that would be version 3 or later of EOS Utility for the Canon5DMk3. Essentially you must connect the camera with the computer with the USB cable, then you should be able to find a configuration settings that are saved to the camera.

Once the camera is connected and the application started, select “Owner’s Name/Author/Copyright” (anyone using EOS Utility 2 for a Canon 5Dmk2, select “Camera Settings” where you should find a Tools menu).

This is where you can insert the following: “Owners Name”, “Author”, “Copyright”.

The values added here are written to every image you take (note that setting Lightroom to add the information during import, this will overwrite the original values from the camera)

The only downside to this is that these settings can be wiped from the camera, though the location in the menu isn’t particularly intuitive (presumably that’s intentional).

Provided the owner/author information is retained, this should help if your camera is ever stolen - searching for your Owners Name and camera serial number in an image search.

Personally, I add my name to the “Owner’s Name”, my name and email address to the “Author” field and the year and my name to the Copyright field (this way you can clearly see where the year is when you return next year). Do not try to use the © symbol as the camera doesn’t recognize it - use paren-C-closedParen if you wish.

The application can be used for live view shooting, and you can also set the Date/Time/Timezone to the same value as your computer. Otherwise, this app isn’t much use for much else.

Thanks Dean! I didn’t know there were more copyright fields hiding in the EOS utility :+1:

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Hi Forest,
No problem - one additional thing to note. The version of EOS Utility is specific to the model of camera. Canon 5Dmk2 still requires EOS Utility 2 (v3 doesn’t recognize it). But you can install both v2 and v3 simultaneously. They reside in the Canon Utilities/EOS Utility/EU2 or EU3 folders.


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Hi Dean - nice to hear from you!

I finally found whet I’ve been looking for: I can input my copyright info directly in camera without using an EOS utility:

Go to the camera menu → the fourth menu option (wrench icon) → fourth page → 3rd menu → “Copyright Information”. From there I can set /update my copyright information: author name, copyright details, view what I’ve already set up or delete the information entirely all without requiring the EOS utility. From there I can set up basic information: name, ©, and year. I insert more detailed rights information in Lightroom.

I knew I could apply copyright information directly in camera, I just forgot where and how (I thought I searched all the camera menu items but evidently skipped a page or two).

Aside from the ability to access the camera remotely, are there any other advantages to using the EOS utility vs. directly in camera ?

that would be great. Thanks, Forest.

Hi Robin,

I don’t find EOS Utility useful for much else. I use it instead of the camera’s menu simply because I set the same dated copyright info on 3 DSLR’s, and I find this way to be faster.

Good to hear from you again too! PS. you’ve got me hooked on visiting whisky distilleries now. This has turned out to be an expensive sideline hobby! :slight_smile: