Large Format Prints

Hey all,

Searching for some tips and guidance.

I need to print 15-20 images to hang as a gallery at a local bank for a few months. The images will be mostly documentary type outdoor scenes. Unfortunately it’s not the best environment as the bank is lit with mostly fluorescent lights mixed with daylight coming in through windows. I’m looking to do it as affordably as possible while still maintaining at least some decent quality.

Any guidance on types of affordable yet high quality prints and where to get them done?


Check out
Having you prints matted will help Preserve them, they have several great Choices of paper


I’d second @carter’s recommendation as well as add that you might check out ProDPI as well. You can pay to get them mounted to board, too, if you want to (or mount them yourself) so that they stay firm while hung. Nations Photo Lab would be a hair cheaper overall, but their quality is not as great as ProDPI and WHCC in my opinion (but Nations is still leaps and bounds above the Shutterfly/Walmart type prints). Hope this helps and congrats on the art show!!

@carter @sarah Excellent…thank you!