Lightroom (From PC to MAC)

Hey guys!!

I’ve just made the exciting switch from PC to Mac. With that, there are a lot of changes. I’ve loaded Lightroom and Photoshop and I’m ready to roll.

My question is this, I’ve been meet with some issues trying to load my Lightroom Catalog into the new computer. I loaded the newest version of Lightroom, which I assume all I’d have to do is update my catalog to a meet the newer version and I’d be ready to roll. So far, that hasn’t been the case. Each time I’ve tried to load my catalog into Lightroom, I’ve been meet with this error…


Is there going to be anyway I can use this Lightroom Catalog, or am I going to have to start over with a new computer and starting a new catalog??

Hope everyone is doing well!!!

Thanks so much,

Hi Ron,

Congrats on making the switch!

Question: Is the “Seagate Expansion Drive” formatted for Windows still? If so, you’ll want to buy a fresh drive, format it for Mac (I have a video pinned in this category on how to do that) and copy everything over to the freshly formatted drive and open your catalog. That should fix it.

If this drive is formatted for Mac already, let me know and we will go from there.


Thank you soooooo much!!!

I believe it is formatted only for PC… NTSF I think!

I will try this and see what happens!! Thanks again so much!

Watched the video and it was super helpful!

Just to be clear… I can format that new, empty hard drive on my new iMAC and copy over that old hard drive on that same new iMac computer?? I am making the switch to APPLE and not looking back, so it would be safe to say, use the OS X Extended (Journaled) going forward??

Do you have an external hard drive that you recommend?

Next question… Once I have that new, formatted hard drive, can I simply highlight the folders I want to copy and do a simple “Copy & Paste”?? or do you recommend using the Carbon Copy Cloner??

I big time apologize… I am not a tech guy! hahaha

Yep! Format new drive on the iMac with Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Then, use the iMac to copy files from old drive to new drive. Copy/paste is totally fine at this point.

Once that’s done, you can format the old drive for Mac which will erase it completely. Then you can copy everything back from the new drive into the old drive.

That will leave you with two drives formatted for Mac with the same exact things on them which is what you want.

Through this whole process I would recommend having a third drive to just act as a backup just in case something goes wrong at any point in the process!