Lightroom, hard drives, crashing, not opening, HELP

I am not sure if this is the reason why this is happening. But my laptop fell off a recliner arm, onto the carpet. About a foot and a half fall. With my hard drive plugged in. (Yes, tables are better, I know, I know) my laptop seems to be working fine. So does my hard drive. But when I try and use my light room short cut or even open light room from the dock…it won’t let me and crashes essentially. It’s happened like 4 times. I have even done a laptop reboot. Every 10 mins or so my laptop will also shut down for some reason. What should I do?? I have some photos that I need to get edited and I frustrated at myself and not sure what I need to do.

Update 8/13: I think I figured out the light room issue: but the laptop is still shutting off, in the middle of doing things. Freezes and then shuts down. I’m editing and it shuts down. I am updated to OS Catalina. Using a MacBook Air 2014. Do I just need a new laptop??

Dear Miranda,

Sorry to hear about the laptop accident and the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic troubles. may I ask, where is your Lightroom Catalog stored? Is it on the computer’s internal drive or on the external disk?

Also, how confident are you in your backup plans? When did you do your last complete backup of everything? I ask not to cause you any additional worries but just to know how much risk you are currently facing.

David Marx

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My light room catalog will not open unless my external hard drive is plugged in. I have a shortcut on my doc that I click to access it. I edited some photos 8/12 and did a back up. So it’s golden there.

My laptop itself is backed up with stuff on a separate external hard drive and also some stuff in the cloud.

I used it some today and was working fine until I plugged in my photo external drive to open light room and trying editing. After about 2 mins everything froze and my laptop shut down.

So I’m not sure if something internally was bumped and now my laptop doesn’t have the capacity to run complex programs or what.

I don’t think it’s the hard drive or ports because of those truly were damaged wouldn’t I get some sort of alert or message? I don’t think I would be able to open light room if that’s the case.

That’s why I’m thinking it’s my laptop having the issue. I have an appointment tomorrow (8/15) at Geek Squad in Best Buy to see if they can advise. Just really frustrating when you have photos to edit and get out to clients and you can’t.

Good Morning Miranda Ballas,
I hope that your appointment with the Geek Squad solved the computer / Lightroom issues. Are you back up and running now?

David Marx

Hi David,

Visit was helpful and informative. However the 1 program they use for diagnostics takes 18 hours to run. So I am still waiting for everything to come back to me. We think the laptop is fine, we are thinking it’s my hard drive. They are also backing everything up for me again. Transferring the data from one hard drive to the other.

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