Looking for 2nd Video Shooter for Weddings

I’m a fulltime wedding videographer in Missoula looking for 2nd video shooters for the upcoming wedding season. It’s my 2nd year in the biz.

Experience would be cool, but not necessarily required. If you’re not experienced, but stoked to learn and want to help create beautiful films for people, I’m open to teaching.

Check my work:
Recent wedding film: "Marriage is a Miracle" // In the Shadow of the Grand Tetons // Jackson Hole Wedding Film - YouTube
Instagram: Login • Instagram

Thanks a lot! Send me an Instagram message if interested or know anyone who might be.
Much love,

(I also sent an email directly to the school)


I’d be interested! I’m currently attending RMSP’s PI program and could use the extra experience/income! (I don’t have Instagram, but you can email me at clicktaphotography@gmail.com or give me a call at (615) 981-9615)

Here’s a link to my website: clickta.myportfolio.com

Great, thanks Cole!
Just sent you an email :slight_smile:

@landondean9 may also be interested! He’s in Billings, but might consider driving over on occasion.

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Oh yes, I worked with Landon last season. Thanks for the recommendation!!