Looking for learning on all things color

Hi all-
I’d love to take a course, read, watch or do whatever to learn more about color theory as well as recognizing and seeing color better.

Any recommendations?

Thank you!

Maureen: I’m currently attending the Professional Intensive course at RMSP and went to Summer Intensive and Advanced Intensive back in 2015. That, by no means, makes me as much of an expert in this arena as the RMSP instructors, but it does give me a good foundation. The attached link is an article that describes the very basics of color theory in a way that even I can understand. Hopefully, it’s what you’re looking for. There are also a number of videos on YouTube that address it. I did a Google search for “photography and color theory.” I hope that helps. Color Theory for Photographers: An Introduction | by Pixel Magazine | Medium

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Hey Maureen,

That’s a great question. @marcyj might have some good suggestions. Also @mclainphoto just got a shipment of books from an author he works with. I think one of them is about color theory and looked to be pretty awesome. I’m sure he will reply here and let us know which one it was/is.

Also, that is a great class suggestion. Maybe we can add something like that this fall as part of our fall online class lineup.

Thank you! I will check it out!

Hope you are enjoying your time in Missoula at PI—and congrats—I suspect you are finishing up soon!!

Thanks, Forest!

I will keep an eye out for further resources. And, YES!!! An online course would totally be awesome. I would definitely be interested if you all offered something of the sort.

Hope you are well~

This is a great subject for an online class. Perhaps not just color theory but also color grading techniques and processes in Lightroom and PS.

Mine Lawrence

I strongly recommend spending some time reading John Paul Caponigro’s ebooks and articles if you are looking for advice on Color Theory and Color Vision from a photographer / painters point of view. See Color Theory - John Paul Caponigro and Explore The Power Of Color Psychology - John Paul Caponigro

David Marx

Hi Maureen,
David’s article suggestions above are good! Also, if you are looking for a short class I think I saw Domestika offers a couple Color Theory for Photography online classes. We’ll probably create one in the future, but for now that’s one you could research.

  • Jeff

Thank you! Your recommendations are appreciated!


Thanks, Jeff! I’ll check it out!

Yes. I agree with David; JPC is a good place to start on color theory. I also recommend Blake Rudis at f64 Academy. He was trained as a painter and is now a very capable instructor. There is a lot of high quality paid-for content at the shop. However start with the f64Academy channel on YTube. He has a ton of color theory based tutorials all for free.