LR not syncing images when changes are made

Is anyone else experiencing problems syncing images in LR Classic? Suddenly when I make a change on 1 image and try to sync multiple images with it, nothing happens. I’ve searched online and tried some suggestions I’ve read there (something about white balance and ‘as shot’…also checking the badges box), but nothing I’ve tried fixes the problem. I’ve upgraded my MacOS to the lastest version 12.3.1…also LR 11.3.1. Can anyone suggest something else to try so I don’t have to call tech support (usually a lengthy and unpleasant experience for me). :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi Christal, I am just checking on mine, it seems to be working fine.
I remember that it happened to me once but then returned to normal. So I hope it is the same for you…

Thank you, Catherine! I’m glad your problem didn’t persist. Mine is still not working. I was hoping it was just a glitch and that it would start to work eventually, but it seems I need to call Adobe about this problem.

Hey Christal! Sorry I missed this until now. You may also try (while in Grid/Library view) right-clicking on the image you edited and clicking “develop settings > copy settings” and then selecting all the images you want to paste those edits to and right-clicking and clicking “develop settings > paste settings.” It’s an alternative method that does the same thing.

This also works inside the Develop module by clicking copy in the lower left on the image that you edited, then selecting the rest of the images in the filmstrip at the bottom and clicking paste in the lower left.

Perhaps this method may be a workaround for you until Adobe/Mac may have an update that might fix it.

Thanks, Sarah! So kind of you to reply. This does work. However, something squirrelly happens with the sizing, for some odd reason. And not on all of the images…just some of them. I’ve really never had major trouble with LR, but I’m getting frustrated with it lately. I just need to call Adobe and see what’s going on. BTW, I tried using the SYNC button tonight, and it will sync if I only select a couple of images, but if I select 8-10 or more (which I often do if I’m shooting birds), it will not convert them. I’ll keep you posted if I find a permanent fix to this. Thanks! Oh…we’re finally going to cross the border to see our daughter and grandkids in Calgary. We wanted to wait until the kids were out of school. So we’ll be stopping in Missoula this summer. Can’t wait to see you all and (hopefully) get a tour of the new facility! Bye for now!

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How strange! Make sure you’re only checking the boxes of the settings you want to copy from one image to the next. It may be taking crop or lens correction adjustments and copying those to the new images as well. Best of luck and looking forward to seeing you when you stop by!