Luminart 4 Editing

Anyone ever hear of Luminar 4 editing software?? What do you know/think about it?

Yes, I have used it for a couple of weeks and it is very helpful.I am still learning a lot of what it can do but its easy and great for enhancing your image. I really like the portrait enhancing tools they provide, much easier then PS and LR. Try it out and let me know what you think, I would defiantly recommend it. Hope this helps.

I’ve used Luminar as a LR plug in for their “Luminar Looks” (presets which are adjustable), and AI for sky; haven’t tried AI for portraits yet. Works well to adjust the sky (occasionally easier then gradient tool or brush or PS selection tools), you can paste in a new sky if you want to do that sort of thing. Not as robust as LR/PS, so would not be my only choice for post production. Use if for less than 2% of my edits. 30 day free trial. Worth having as another tool in your toolbox.

Thanks Jared. I’m just starting to explore it. I agree, I think LR is more robust although I am finding it good for a quick edit without having to use PS fro layering edits

Hi Carter,

It’s been a few months since you responded to my question about Luminar 4. So after a few months of playing around here are my thoughts: My experience: It is relatively easy to use (once I got to learning how “it thinks”). I can perform some detailed tasks faster and easier than in Photoshop - but, obviously with limitations. I do like the sky replacement and some of the portrait functions. It speeds up my processing process but I do not use it as a stand alone I use it in conjunction with LR.

All in all, I agree with Jared, it is not as robust as PS but for my purposes it is a nice complement to LR.

Thank you both for your earlier input.