Macbook Pro OS upgrade issues- LR not accessible

I just upgraded my MacBook Pro (2015) to the Monterey OS and now i can’t access my LR catalog. I’m getting the below message which never happened prior to the upgrade. How do I fix this? Please feel free to use simple words to describe the fix- I’m not techy!

Dear Amy,
A couple of things that you might want to check on to resolve this issue.

First, why is your Lightroom Catalog stored inside of a backups folder on the external drive and are you actually using Lightroom version 6 or are you using something more recent? I ask because I do not believe that Adobe Lightroom v.6 is compatible with OS Monterey so even if you resolve this issue then you might still have other troubles using such an old version of Lightroom on a brand-new OS.

If that is indeed where you want your Lightroom Catalog to live, and if you are not running Lightroom version 6 then have you tried using the “First Aid” feature in Apple’s Disk Utility tool to check this hard drive for other permission issues?

Also, what do permissions have you granted the Lightroom inside of your System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Files and Folders Tab. See attached for the suggested configuration here.

I hope this helps.

David Marx