Macro lens question

I have a Canon 100 mm F2.8 macro lens (it’s fantastic!) and I have a question about this lens – if you are not doing close up/macro work, is this an acceptable lens to use for, say, portrait type work? Is it otherwise equivalent to a regular 100 mm lens for shooting from afar, or does the macro aspect of it alter the optics from farther away? (hope that makes sense)
Thanks for your input!

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Hi Carin,

This lens would be perfectly fine for portrait work as well. You’ll have very shallow depth of field at f/2.8, so just be careful of your focus!


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Thanks @mclainphoto!

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Absolutely! I shoot a lot of product in studio and the 100mm is my go to lens, not just for the macro aspect. I also use it photographing portraits or on stage concerts because of the 2.8. Normally a great lens for portraits are 85mm-105mm.
Great glass and always sharp, no matter what the subject is.

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Hi Carin,
The macro feature of the lens does not alter the optics, except to allow you to focus on subjects very closely. As others mentioned, this is an excellent portrait lens, as the focal length will tend to slim down the subject, as opposed to a wide angle lens, which may distort the subject and make them look more rounded.

I actually use a Nikon 100mm macro for all of my portrait work. It is great for this.

Thanks everyone (@cwadephoto, @markn130, @WesK), really appreciate the feedback!