Military Students

Just wondering do you accept military students who have Tuition Assistance and GI Bill funding? I’ve been looking for a course like this for a while now. I’m not interested in getting a degree just want to run a great freelance business doing what I love to do.

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Hi Maurice,

We do accept the GI Bill for our Professional Intensive program! That’s awesome that you’re interested in starting a freelance photography business. We would love to help you achieve that goal.

Here’s a PDF with more information on using the GI Bill to pay for the PI program.

Let us know if you have any other questions. @Bob is the one to talk to here at the school about VA benefits. I’ll have him reach out to you via email so you have his contact information.

Thanks. I’m also currently deployed but when I return my home state is Florida.

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Hi Maurice! I just sent you a direct message. Take care!

Hi Maurice,
I am a Veteran and am enrolled in the Professional Intensive Class starting Sept 2020. Applying for GI Bill Education Benefits through the VA was easy. The VA covers most of the tuition, plus provides $1500/month housing allowance.


Hey Maurice. I’m recently retired, have taken a few workshops with this school over the past decade, and have also needed to know this. Your GI Bill covers 90% of the tuition and finding housing for less than your BAH isn’t hard.

If this is something you’re considering and if it doesn’t stress your family situation too harshly, I’d go for it!

My first workshop, I learned more about photography in one week than I did in a full semester at my hometown community college. Every trip back to Missoula, my abilities have grown noticeably. I’m finally signed up for PI this fall and can’t fathom how much I may grow after eight months of being surrounded by like minds while being detached from distractions (ahem… home life and responsibilities).

Message me on here if you like and if you enroll, looks like you’ll have (at least) two vets to BS with :slight_smile:

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Awesome thanks for letting me know. I’m currently deployed and looking forward to applying when I get back.


Maurice, I’m also a veteran and have attended some of RMSP’s courses and workshops. My experience of using my GI Bill benefits with RMSP was seamless. When there were issues…and there were issues…the staff at RMSP was extremely helpful at getting things squared away. Oh, and as far as Missoula is concerned, my wife and I like to say, “It doesn’t suck.”

I can’t imagine a better learning environment than RMSP. Their knowledge base is wide ranging covering every aspect and genre of photography. Take my word for it: you’ll be challenged to learn the business, technical and creative aspects of photography in ways you can’t imagine giving you the best avaliable tools to succeed.

Stay safe out there, Brother.