New external drive will not eject properly

Hi everyone!

I just got new external hard drives last month and they will not eject properly like my other ones would. It keeps saying it is currently in use and to close any programs or windows that are using it…even though Lightroom and all other tabs are closed. I have looked this up on YouTube but nothing has fully resolved this issue. I appreciate any guidance I can get on how to fix this problem!


Hey Lizzie! This sounds super weird. Did you reformat the drives yourself after you bought the new ones (before you put all your photos on them)? I would suspect that could cause this issue.

And I can’t recall if you are using Mac or PC, so here are a couple of in-depth articles that may help:

PC: Quick Fix 'This Device Is Currently in Use' & Safely Ejecting Tips - Bitwarsoft
Mac: How to fix: The volume can't be ejected because it's currently in use (for regular users)

(The Mac instructions are specific to one potential error, but could be utilized to identify which background processes may still be using the drive.)