New Fuji XT3 Shutter Issue

I recently upgraded from the Fuji XT-1 to the XT-3. I took it out on a busy shoot this past weekend and had a major problem that I am praying is user error, although I never had this issue with the XT-1.

I use back button focus (AF-L button) and then the shutter to take the photo. About 10-15% of the time, when I go from focus to shutter, the shutter doesn’t fire. I press it and nothing happens. I release it and press again. Sometimes nothing happens again. Sometimes it works.

This is obviously not scaleable. I missed important shots this weekend as a result. Did I get a lemon? Or can anyone think of something that could be causing it that is fixable on my end? Google isn’t returning much along these lines so I fear it is a camera issue. Thanks in advance for any insight!

EDIT: I should note that it doesn’t matter whether focus is locked or not for this to happen. Even if I’ve successfully focused (box turns green), the shutter might not work.

Hey Jennifer,

Just a quick check. On the front of the camera there is the focus selection switch. Make sure you on the “M” mode and not “S” or “C”.

Let me know how it goes.

Sigh… So, yes, I was on single. And I can’t reproduce the problem on manual. But I’m confused. Why does it work fine 90% of the time on single?

On single it will refuse to fire a shot unless it thinks it’s sharp. I think you can set this in the menu by prioritizing “release” priority instead of “focus” priority.

On manual, it still allows auto focus (on the back button), but it will let you fire a shot without trying to see if it’s sharp.

I think it’s working 90% of the time because it detects that you have focus most of the time, so it allows it to fire.

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Thank you Forest. As always you are so much help!

I have the X-T3 and in the menu settings you can program the shutter to release with or without acquiring focus for the Single and Continuous settings. I have Single set to acquire focus and Continuous to release without acquiring focus. Hope this helps.