Nik Software plug in for LR

Hi! A while ago when the Nik software collection was available for free download online, I got it and installed it on my MacBook Air with plug in to LR (then called classic I think–the stand alone version --also on the computer hard drive). Now, I’m using a MacBook Pro with LR on my external hard drive (classic subscription).

Is there a way to utilize the previous download /plug in from the NIK collection into my current set up? And if so, how?

Thank you!!

Greetings Maureen,

This is a good question and, unfortunately, one that has a little extra complexity.

The simple part first: The Nik family of plugins, which Google acquired and then sold to the DxO company, were meant to be installed inside of your computer’s Applications folder. Since these plugins, like most programs, are stored inside of your computer you can use them no matter where you choose to store your Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic Catalog.

Fortunately, no additional steps are required to use the Nik Plugins just because you have chosen to store your Lightroom Catalog on an external disk.

What adds a little complexity to your question though is that the plugins that were included in the free installer, the one that you got from Google years ago, might not be compatible with the latest versions of the Mac Operating system.

Depending upon which version of the Mac OS you are using on that MacBookPro you might need to pay DxO for an upgrade so that these plugins actually work. See if needed.

David Marx

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