Other editing options besides Lightroom?

Wondering if anyone has ditched Lightroom in favor of other editing programs. On1? Capture One? DxO? Others? I’m looking for the most user-friendly option. :slight_smile: I’m assuming they all basically have the same editing options.

I have been using On1 Photo Raw for about a year. It is not perfect but works pretty well. It is getting better with each version and they just released On1 Photo Raw 2020 in October. I am still using On1 Photo Raw 2019.6 until the new release of 2020 stabilizes. LightRoom V5.7 is my last payment to Adobe.

You might be interested in Joseph Christina’s (JChristina) YouTube playlist on Cutting the Adobe Cord. He is a 20+ year professional photographer that went on a search for a replacement to Adobe products and has ended up with On1 Photo Raw. His videos detail the trials and tribulations of deleting all Adobe products in his production workflow. He does tend to drone on in his videos but he is passionate about this subject. You will get a lot out of reading his description for each video in addition to the comments made by others.

:movie_camera: JChristina - Cutting the Adobe Cord Playlist

Good Luck in your search!


Hi Christal,

I only have experience with Capture One and Lightroom Classic. I can say that the two are very similar when it comes to user-friendliness. Maybe it’s worth checking out Lightroom (non classic) if you are looking for a simple workflow and no more catalog worries? I havn’t used it myself, but I know that the workflow and ease of use is pretty awesome.