Photo backpack recommendations

I am ready to ditch my Lowepro camera, fanny pack and want recommendations for a photo back pack that I can also add other travel related items for day photography outings…brands you love/brands to avoid!!!

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I just got the Mindshift Backlight 26L and i love it for school and travel, also for some light day hikes it works great. I found the straps on the Lowepro bags really uncomfortable and I like the straps and back panel a lot better on this new bag. They also make a smaller 18L size.


I’ve always been a huge fan of Mountain Smith bags. I’ve also had very good luck with Peak Designs, Atlas bags, and Lowepro.

The thing to remember is that there is no such thing as a perfect camera bag. Most people I know own three or four different bags that are all useful in different situations.

I agree with Forest that there is no perfect camera bag or one size fits all, especially if you have a lot of specialized gear. While at SI this past summer I purchased a F-Stop Lotus with the Elite Bundle option. This is as close as I’ve been able to get to a perfect backpack. I do a lot of nature photography and like to hike into less traveled areas. The different size internal camera units (ICUs) provide flexibility for different camera/lens options and still provide separate space for essential items needed on long hikes. I can also easily attach trekking poles, a tripod and other items to the exterior of the pack. I’m also a fan of the Mindshift Photocross Sling Bags for city and event photography when removing a backpack to change a lens or grab an accessory is not a good option. I just purchased the new Photocross 13 and it easily accommodates two Fuji X-T3s (no grips), one with a wide angle zoom and the other a medium telephoto with room for a third lens or a flash. I have owned LowePro shoulder bags and backpacks over the years which have worked well but without the option to easily carry additional gear for extended hikes. The LowePro integrated rain covers mean you always have it when needed, whereas most other bags it’s another accessory to make space for.

I recently bought a Lowepro Flipside Trek BP 450 AW Backpack and I am very happy with it. It can fit a full size DSLR and a few lens’s. There is also a compartment on the top for extra gear or snacks or whatever. Very comfortable on long hike, I have hiked over 10+ miles and was not a problem. I have always had good luck with Lowepro bags.