Pixelated Footage

I shot an interview recently and am editing the footage. While cutting down segments I noticed on my b-cam angle (tighter frame on the subject’s head) there was weird pixilation/discoloring in upper left hand corner of the wood grain and then the very right edge on the seat material. Second screen capture is the A-cam footage where I haven’t seen any of the same pixilation pop up. B-cam was shot on the X-T3. A-cam on the X-T4.

The footage was recorded in f-log, h.265, 4k 24p, at 200 mb/s so there should be plenty of info there to work with. The computer I’m working off of has 32gig of ram and an RTX 2070 with 8g of dedicated video memory, so it doesn’t seem like this should be a processing problem…

Any help/info??

LongGOP or All-Intra?

90% sure that Fuji automatically shifts the camera into All-Intra when f-log is selected

Looks like GOP not All-Intra and Forest and I are 97.3% sure you can choose that setting. Check it out.

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You’re extra 7.3% of assuredness is correct :laughing: So since Long GOP guesses at the frames it doesn’t record, is that data just non existent/non recoverable?

Yep, it’s gone. Perhaps you can work blurring tricks and masking to hide it.

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Well… shoot. Good learning experience! We’ll see if a little Gaussian blur can work some magic.