Pricing for retouching gig

Hi everyone,

I was offered to freelance editing photos. It’s mainly editing 60-80 images (per album), and most of the images are from Bar Mitzvahs. I saw big companies charge $1-2/per image, but it seems so low.

Does anyone know how/how much to charge for this kind of job?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


If you just want the experience I would go for it, I would thank BIG companies offshore there work.
Remember you are local and giving a Boutique service.

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I bet @mclainphoto would have a bit of input here!

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I think that the $50/hour-$75/hour range is pretty typical if it’s involving Photoshop editing and depending on if your client has that sort of budget and what level you are at with the skills. If it’s just LR edits, you could probably be at the lower end or down to $25-35/hr range as the skill-set is less demanding. So, look at the workload and determine about how long it will take you, and then price it based on that… maybe with a bit of padding. :slight_smile:

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