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Hi all!

I feel kind of silly asking this but I’m REALLY not a hardware person and am struggling so here goes. A little while ago, I purchased an EPSON artisan 1430 from a local artist for $20! It worked great until I updated my apple operating system. In my conversation with Epson and a techie at my work, I understand that apple has done something with a chip that creates this issue. When I try to use it wirelessly, the computer does not recognize the printer. An error message about a filter fail comes up. I’m told there is really no remedy for this. Which is sad, as I have a fair amount of printer ink and paper.

At any rate, I’m now trying to print from an older MacBook air in which I am using Mojave as the operating system. In theory, I’m told, it should still work. However, the same error message still comes up.

So here’s my question—is there any reason why I just couldn’t print from either computer connected with a USB to the printer? Can I do this directly from LR with paper profile settings, etc? Forgive me if I’m not using all the correct tech lingo.



Couple of questions first, If you are trying to print to the printer over wifi, can your wifi router see the printer?

When looking at the driver files for that printer on Epson’s website it looks like 10.14 (Mojave) is no longer supported also.

You can try to install the printer using the USB cable(s) if using the Epson Utilities from their website, which work quite well, but your milage might vary on it since Mojave is not listed as a supported OS for that specific printer.

Hi Maureen! That sounds super frustrating. David’s suggestions are great, and in follow up, yes I would consider trying to reinstall the printer with the USB method of connection, as he said. Lightroom won’t care either way, whether it’s connected wirelessly or via USB.

I’m seeing Mojave AND the newer OS as supported systems on Epson’s website but it’s possible I’m missing something (see screenshot). If it is indeed supported, perhaps downloading this newest driver and removing the printer from your computer and reinstalling it with this new driver (try with USB connection first) will solve the problem. A direct connection is often much more reliable anyway.

When you do go to reinstall the printer, you have a choice to choose which driver your computer will use with it, and it will usually default to AirPrint (wrong) or possibly even your old Epson driver (wrong) so double check from the drop down list (choose “select software”) to locate the new driver you’ve just downloaded and choose that one.

Hopefully this helps somehow. If it doesn’t, I’m afraid David and your tech friends are right that there is no easy path forward if you want to use that printer. You would be left with the options of backtracking your MacOS, which I generally wouldn’t recommend for a $20 printer even if you do have a lot of ink since it’s a tiresome process, OR buying a newer printer to use moving forward. Your paper should be usable on any photo printer.

Let us know how it goes!

Thank you, David! I appreciate your help. I believe the router sees the printer. The wifi light is on and seems to be connected. How would I double check this?

I have already installed the printer using the USP cable and it works that way. As long as I don’t update from Mojave, is there a reason why the mileage would vary?

I haven’t tried USB connection from my main MacBook, which is running Big Sur. It was originally working in the beginning and I don’t know what happened. I assume it’s from an update prior to Big Sur.

Thanks again!

Thanks, Sarah! I hope you all are well!

I did connect my MacBook Air, with Mojave, via USB and can print that way. Originally, I was using my MacBook Pro which is updated to Big Sur. It was originally working but I’m not sure which update caused it to stop.

I haven’t tried to print from USB from the most updated laptop, but I may just do that and see what happens.

I’ll have to find my notes from SI, but if I were to invest in a printer (although I’m not sure I’m ready for that), what would you recommend?

Thank you!!

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Hi again! Disregard my printer recommendation question…I found it in another post…

Thanks again!

Hi Maureen, I would be interested to know if printing from your Big Sur laptop yields success, but I’m glad you got the printer to work with your Mojave laptop! Yay!

As for printers, sounds like you found some suggestions elsewhere, but I would look at the Epson XP-15000, Surecolor P700, or Surecolor P900, depending on paper size choices and frequency of printing. The more expensive printers have larger cartridges and more inks, resulting in better quality and an ink savings over time, but if you aren’t printing frequently, you’ll run the risk of drying up entire cartridges, thereby losing more money since the cartridges are larger. That’s why the cheaper printer may make sense for some folks.