Random Fuji Question

I’ve been looking into the Fujifilm GFX system for a few months now. Since I’ll be starting PI this fall, I figured it probably makes sense to not buy anything new and to save up for a Black Friday shopping spree. Today I noticed the GFX 50r has gone on sale for $3500 for the second time this month. Is this normal? Or are they trying to sell them off for some reason I’m unaware of…

I think they are just starting to phase that model out. I would hope that’s because a new one is coming down the line!

Thats what I was thinking too! Hopefully there’ll be some concrete info out by Thanksgiving.

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I’ve been using the Fuji X-T series for a few years now. Based on my experience Fuji will run some awesome special several times a year to promote sales. It appears that that they may be pushing the GFX 50 series now that the GFX 100 is available. www.FujiRumors.com provides some insight as to what is in the development pipeline at Fuji.


Thank you for the link!