Recommendations for monitor?

Hey all!
I’m looking to purchase a monitor to connect to my MacBook Pro. Any recommendations for a good quality monitor to use for photo editing (as well as general use)? I’m not looking for top of the line, but something reasonable with good reviews.

Thank you!

Hi Maureen,

It’s great to hear from you!

My current favorite budget monitor for editing is the BenQ SW2700PT. It has a relatively high resolution (2K) and amazing color accuracy with coverage of almost the entire Adobe RGB color space. For $600 it’s really hard to beat.

If you really want something that’s a bit higher resolution at 4K you could check out the BenQ SW271 which is basically the same as the 2700 except it has a 4K panel.

At a normal viewing distance, I find it hard to justify the extra cost of the 4K panel over the 2K. I have personally used the 2700 with no issues and I haven’t really found any reason to need to upgrade to the 4K version.

As for connectivity to your Mac, it should be seamless assuming you buy the right cable. If you send me a photo of the ports on the side of your MacBook Pro I can recommend the perfect cable to get everything connected properly.

I hope that helps!


I use the BenQ and highly recommend it. Easy to set up and accurate color spaces. You get great bang for the buck.

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That’s awesome, Forest! Thank you so much. I have a 2018 MacBook Pro with four Thunderbolt 3 ports. If you can point me to the right cable, I would really appreciate it.

Hope you all are well!

Thanks, Bret!

Really appreciate it…BenQ it is!


Grab one of these to connect the monitor:

And one of these to connect the USB ports on the monitor:

You won’t always need the second one connected, except for when you are calibrating or wanting to use the monitor’s built-in USB ports.