Scanner for film/slides

Hello RMSP experts!

I need to scan some old film negatives and slides to make digital files.
I had an Epson scanner that worked great for years but no longer works with my new laptop and desktop.

Any recommendations on what I can buy? Not for commercial use- just some photos I want to print for my walls.


Hi Karen! Perhaps @FoChap or @mclainphoto will have insight on this. My only knowledge of negative scanners is quite out of date and therefore unhelpful!

Hey Karen,

You might be able to use your existing scanner with VueScan. I know we have a few scanners here at RMSP that no longer have software support, but they work well with VueScan!

Might be worth a shot. They have a trial too!

I use this:

Then I put it on a copy stand, and use my digital camera to photograph the negative at 1/200th at f/8

Then I use C1Pro to strip the camera profile
Export a PSD
Then I use Photoshop to reverse the image.

Check out the RMSP YouTube and you can find me doing all this in the video!


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because of the cost of a replacement scanner, if you have a small amount of film needing to be digitized you might consider some of the commercial scanning companies. The cost is quite reasonable and can be d delivered digitally download.

I use a Nikon Coolscan 5000 with Vuescan software. Excellent results. These scanners are running between 1500.00 and 2000.00 USD on eBay. Vuescan Software is about 100.00 The old Nikon software for these scanners is long since obsolete. I use a Macbook Pro.
Jack Cheasty

Thanks everyone for the great info!