Seeking guidance on creating a high quality photo book with text

I’m looking to create a photo essay with a good amount of images and some accompanying text (beyond just simple captions, maybe a couple paragraphs of text every so often) and turn it into a hardcover book.

Any suggestions on sites, resources, design tools etc. that would be helpful and give some good direction?

Many thanks!


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Hi Tyson,
By far the best design tool for books is Adobe InDesign. It’s not nearly as complicated of a program as Photoshop or Illustrator, so you’d be in luck there. It has the best image/layout and text functions for book projects. That is where I’d start!



Hi Tyson,

I’m currently working on a similar project and have to agree with Jeff McLain, Adobe InDesign has been a life saver in laying out my project as well as switching things around when I don’t like how it first looks. Good Luck!

  • Jody
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Thanks Jeff and Jody! Where would you send the final InDesign for printing?

Jody, what’s the subject of your book?