Sharp Focusing Problem

I photographed student and staff portraits last week for a school. It went well, except I have a handful of images that are not sharp.
I was shooting with a Canon 5D MIII, and 85mm f/1.4 lens.
Settings were almost always at 1/160, f/2.2, and ISO 100.
My camera was on a tripod, and I had two Profoto studio lights to light up the photo.
Subjects were still, about 8 feet away, and I was using One Shot focusing with back button focus. Every single photo I moved the red focusing point over to each subject’s eye and I still came up with some images that had sharp focus on their shirt.
What did I do wrong?

Were all of them sharp on the shirt and not the subjects eyes? Or just some of them?

Only some of them were.

That sounds pretty normal. Camera AF isn’t perfect and you were seeing that first-hand. The AF on the 5D Mark IV is better than the Mark III, and the newer cameras are even better. The problem is, it’s really unavoidable for the camera to miss focus sometimes… :frowning:

In the future, maybe stop down to f/2.8 to give yourself a bit more leeway.

If the camera missed focus by the same amount on every image, I would suggest that your AF was out of calibration, but since it’s intermittent it can’t be a calibration issue.

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Ah man. Well that’s good to know. Might be time for an upgrade. Maybe I’ll tether next time too.
Thanks Forest! I really appreciate your help.

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