Small Camera Recommendation?

I know the iPhone takes great photos and video but does anyone have any recommendations for a smaller (point and shoot) that has manual capability, stable video, and is reasonably priced? $300ish. Thank you!

Hey Kim,

That’s a tough one. Honestly these days almost any modern phone is going to beat a $300 point and shoot in almost every way. If manual control is what you’re after most phones can give you that by downloading an app which can also be said about raw capture.

If you are dead-set on a dedicated camera, I would look at the Sony ZV-1. It’s over $600 but will be better quality and more feature rich than most (if not all) modern phones.

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Thanks Forrest - Appreciate the response! Hope you all are doing well.


What phone has the best camera these days? Do you recommend the latest iPhone?

They are all pretty competitive these days. If you prefer iOS the iPhone 12 or 13 Pro are pretty hard to beat. The differences between the 12 and 13 are pretty negligible, so if you can find a good deal on the 12, I would go for it!

The video quality on both is exceptional as well. It really is amazing what phones can do these days with such a small sensor and lens.

I have an iPhone XR. I’ve been impressed with the Adobe Lightroom camera which lets me take raw photos (dng format).it’s part of the free Adobe Lightroom mobile app. Best part is I can sync it to Lightroom on my desktop.

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I second this. I use a ZV-1 and love it when I’m on the go, and don’t want to bring my A7II!

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