Star Tracker gear

Hello Forest,
Hope all are well @ RMSP. I am interested in acquiring a star tracker. What do you recommend?
I several locations I can shoot from, one with 360 view.

Carter M Phillips
ps: hope to return to Missoula soon!!

That’s awesome! What are you hoping to do, wide shots of the Milky Way, or coming in close on one galaxy or nebula?

My main interest is wide shots of the Milky Way, also coming in close as a second choice.


Awesome. In that case, I would checkout the iOptron Sky Guider Pro!

Thanks, will do

Hi Carter, I have the iOptron Sky Guider Pro and have been very happy with it. You’ll want to be practiced with the setup before heading into the field at dusk. The unit certainly opens up tremendous opportunities for point-star photography. If you want to include a foreground/landscape, the earth will be blurred, so you’ll need to take two shots, one with, and one without the tracker, then blend them with layer masks.

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Thanks David
Only problem iOptron is on Back order