Student Visa for Summer Intensive

What is the process for the summer intensive for a foreign student to study under a student visa? Where do I need to go and what do I need to do?

Hi @jwcalley73! Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we are not a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-certified school, so we can’t authorize visas at this time. That might change in the future, but it isn’t possible for 2022 Summer Intensive.

If your country is on the VISA waiver program with the US then you may be able to be in the country long enough to take the course. Check with the US Embassy in your country for length of stay for visitor visa’s. Since it is a casual program and not under the Dept. of Ed. you should be fine. Depends on your country and their arrangements with the US.

Thanks @rarmstrong! We hope that will work for you, @jwcalley73!