Sync Lightroom Classic With Laptop

I use Lightoom primarily on my desktop (MAC) and recently purchased a new laptop for travel. I searched and searched to get instillation instructions to install on my laptop bust couldn’t find anything. Can anyone clue me in?

Hi Robin! Are you still using Lightroom Classic?

If I’m right in presuming so, just follow the following instructions while using your laptop, and they should set you up well: Download Lightroom Classic and get started

You’ll just have to sign into your Adobe account on your laptop as well. (You can have up to 2 computers using the same Adobe account without an additional charge.)

This link will download the Adobe Creative Cloud app as well as the Lightroom Classic App (because you need both in order to run Adobe software).

If you have any trouble with getting Lightroom installed, you can go to the Creative Cloud App (once that is installed) and install Lightroom from there instead.

Sarah - Thanks for your (really quick) reply.

Yes, I do use LR Classic and your instructions dos look pretty self evident. I just never know and have a history from a long time ago of really screwing something up that also should have been pretty easy. Consequently I feel like I can be r be too careful.

I hope all is well with you and Forest.



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Better safe than sorry! Let me know if you hit any snags. :slight_smile:

We’re doing great! Hope you are well, also!

Dear Robin,
Installing the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic program on your new laptop is pretty easy. What takes a little more planning is configuring things so that you can use the same Lightroom Catalog on both the laptop and the desktop. Your other option is to create a “travel” Catalog and temporary storage system on the laptop and then migrate the images that you shoot while out on the road into your main storage system / catalog when you get home.

I don’t cover every possibility but you might find some of these tutorials helpful particular my videos on your Catalog + image storage options using an external hard drive:

David Marx

As always, thank you David.