Thoughts on the Canon 77D?

Hello, my name is Nick for anyone who doesn’t know me. I own the Canon Rebel T3 camera right now, which is a crop sensor camera (with a 1.6x crop factor). I also have a few lenses for it that I like. (I have the Canon EFS 24mm f/2.8, Canon EF 40mm f/2.8, and the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 lenses.) The photography I’m interested in is portraits and possibly second shooting for weddings to start out.

I’m thinking of upgrading the Rebel T3 to a better, newer camera. In the long run, I’m thinking of getting the Sony A7III and a Sigma 85mm 1.4 lens. For now or the near future, I’m thinking of making a tinier jump and getting a newer Canon crop sensor camera that will work well with my current lenses.

So I’m thinking about the Canon 77D and was wondering if it would be good for the photography I’m interested in? Or if there are better, similar Canon crop cameras that I should consider? Or any other advice?

Thank you!

Hi Nick,

The 77D was released as a lower-end alternative to the Canon 80D. Since the release of the 77D, the 90D which is the successor to the 80D has been released.

This makes me think that if Canon is going to continue with the 77D lineup, we can expect an 87D sometime soon.

My recommendation would be to look at the 90D. It’s a solid camera that just came out and would be a fantastic upgrade from your Rebel. Although, if wedding/portrait is what you decide to pursue, I would also consider picking up a 6D Mark II as those genres would greatly benefit from the shallower DOF of a full frame sensor.


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Hey Forest,
Thank you for your advice! I will think about the Canon 90D and the Canon 6D Mark II.

I upgraded from a T3i to a 77D last year and I am happy with it. You can read the specs but one thing I really like is that the noise is a lot less noticeable than on the t3i. It also has a much faster burst speed which I like. Everyone is different but at least for me I can barely see the noise at ISO 800 which is a big improvement.

One thing I did not think I would care about is the touch screen but I also find that I really like that.

Be sure to check the Canon Refurbished web site for whichever camera you decide to get. I am on a budget and I have bought several things from them and they always looked like new and I have never had a problem with them. They also come with a one year Canon Warranty. I was in SI 2018 and the Canon rep gave a talk and she said that a lot of stuff on their refurbished web site was new but the boxes had been damaged so they could not be sold as new.

My 77D came in a bundle with their 18-55 IS STM kit lens which was probably two generations ahead of older version of it that I had and it also seems to be better(contrasty?) but I did not do any detailed tests on it.

The prices on the Canon web site to vary some over time and I got mine just after Thanksgiving when it was on sale for about $100 less than it had been listed for. If you are not in a hurry you might wait for Black Friday or Christmas sales.

One reason I went with the 77D instead of the 80D was because it weights less and that is important to me.

Great insight @walkabouter! Thanks for your input.

Hi Greg, thanks for your advice. What do you photograph with the 77D?

I don’t shoot any wedding photography like you are thinking of. I am retired and travel a fair amount so I do a good bit of informal travel photography which covers a lot of subjects. That is part of why weight is important to me. What I am most interested in though is interesting(to me) colors and shapes. A few months ago I was talking with a retired college professor who taught photography and the question of “what do you shoot” came up and when I described what I shoot he said that was called “formalist photography”. I had never heard that term before so when I got home I Googled that and it really hit the nail on the head for what I like, but I also do a bit of everything.

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Have you thought of the A7II? The low light performance is pretty good and the autofocus is also not bad. Of course it’s not going to be as fast as the A7III, but I do some action shooting and I’m able to get many of my shots in focus using AF-C. The 5FPS is a downside along with one card slot and the menus are worse than the A7III. However, the price is amazing right now. With the money you save, you can pick up some really good Sony primes.

Hi Ethan, thanks for the advice! I think the Sony A7II looks like a good camera, but I think I want to go for the A7III in the future because of the dual card slots. I will look into the Sony A7II though and think about it.