Topaz Labs for removing noise?

Hi RMSP folks!

Does anyone know anything about Topaz Labs’ DeNoise AI? Is it a good fix for super low light situations where have to jack the ISO really high? What are its limitations? Good for professional use or just help make a personal image look a little better?

Since it is a Lr Plug In, am I correct that same result can be done with Lr alone by someone with advanced Lr skills?

Thanks in advance for any knowledge you can share.

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I have been using Topaz products for years and love them all noe to Noise AI.
Yes it does do what it says it will do but there is one drawback you need a fast computer will a lot of memory. They just released an update lately that helped that problem but it still is a memory hog on my mac.
Hope that helped.

Thanks Robert! I appreciate the information.