Two Lightroom Catalogs

Hello! I am having a bit of trouble with Lightroom. While using Ligthroom, my photo drive was accidentally disconnected and therefore caused Lightroom to crash. When I plugged my photo drive back into my computer, I received the pop-up box shown in the picture below. I now have a new “updated” catalog along with the old one. I don’t know exactly what this means or how to fix it. I would so appreciate any help! Thanks so much!


Dear Bethany Renken,

I think that two things have happened here. First, the hard drive mishap might have scrambled Lightroom Classic’s preferences so it does not remember which Catalog you want it to automatically open by default. I suspect that it is still trying to open Bethany’s Lightroom Classic Catalog although it is possible that the Catalog that your were actually using last was named something like Bethany’s Lightroom Classic Catalog-2.

I also suspect that there might have been an update to Lightroom Classic that required a Catalog upgrade which is the reason why there might be those -2, or -2-3 extensions, on the end of your Catalogs name.

Once you find the right Catalog then these tutorials might help:

David Marx

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