Using an external monitor on a Canon 5D Mark 4

I need help figuring out how to hook my iPad to my Canon 5D Mark 4 so I can use the ipad as a live display in the field. I’d also like to find an app that will allow me to turn the ipad into an external shutter/camera controller. I’m tech challenged so any videos or links would be wonderful. Thanks!

Hi Amy,

CamRanger is the device you need.
You connect it to your camera, you set your camera to shoot raw & jpeg, it sends the jpeg to the iPad but records the high res raw to card. Easy. Probably won’t even need a video to get yourself going it it’s that easy.


So this little gadget will make the magic happen?

Yes, you connect it to the camera, it usually just hangs off to the side, set your camera to shoot Raw + JPEG and it sends the JPEG to an iPad for larger screen viewing. You can fire the camera from the iPad as well. It shoots all Raws to the card for later processing. Ideal for those needing just to view the image but not have all the editing controls that a laptop would allow. If you need that, then tether your camera to Lightroom, or even better, Capture One Pro, for full control in the field of viewing and editing an image. But the CamRanger is the in between solution for those not wanting to tether but to have the larger viewing monitor option.

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Canon 5D 4 has built in WiFi; Have you tried using Canon Connect (app for iPhone or iPad) ? It’s free from Canon. Personally I think it’s a pain setting up the WiFi and getting it to sync with my iPhone. Seems to be buggy, so I can’t strongly recommend it. Haven’t tried the Camranger.

Thanks for your input! I haven’t tried anything since i’m tech challenged. Wanted to get suggestions from the group before I got frustrated trying to figure it out.