WD Passport Cord Wrapping Techniques?

Hey everyone! A problem I’ve been having for awhile is how short the cords are for the WD drive and how clunky they are to carry when on the go (especially at coffee shops).

A) Has anyone found a good way to wrap the cords so they don’t get damaged. (The traditional under over does not seem to work well due to the shorter length.)

B) Does anyone have suggestions for an easier way to use WD Passport drives while maintaining some portability?

Any and all suggestions are appreciated!!

One, slightly longer cords. The OEM cords are not the best as you see. 2. Buy a pack of the little red cable management from Think Tank. They call them Red Whips. As far as cables, I use Anker cables for all my cables. Never an issue and very durable, they come with their own velcro tie wraps also.

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@David Great idea!! Thank you!

I agree with @David. Anker makes some quality cords. Another good brand is StarTech. They are what I use in the observatory and they’ve never failed me. They have a very large selection of different cables for all kinds of uses.

I carry my WD passport drive with a 1.5’ cord in a small neoprene pouch. It works perfectly.

Try Samsung Portable SSD small and fast.I have velcro on my SSD drive and top of my laptop holds fast.

I use Velcro on the drives and lid of my laptop to hold them in place. Make sure the cables are long enough to open the lid.