What monitor color calibration do you recommend?

Hi everyone! I’m having trouble with my Xrite Color Munki, which I’ve used just fine for the past 6 years. I recently upgraded to Big Sur OS on my MacBook Pro Color Munki won’t work. I get a message to contact the developer for an upgrade. The problem is, there is no customer service for Color Munki any longer. They have outsourced it to a company called CALIBRATE. The only way I can communicate with them is by leaving my email and waiting for them to contact me. That isn’t satisfactory for me, so I’m thinking of just replacing or buying another color monitoring system. What is the easiest and most user friendly?

Hi Christal,

Datacolor Spyder X and Xrite Eye1 are both reputable and easy to use. They’ve both been around longer than Colormunki, too.


Easiest and most user friendly would be the Datacolor Spyder X.

X-Rite makes fantastic hardware (arguably better than Datacolor), but their software and support are terrible. If you want the best hardware (by a small margin) go with X-Rite, if you want the easier software and better support, go with Datacolor (the Spyder X).

Hi Jeff, Thanks! Will check out. Also, I saw in your bio that you’re a musician. Just curious what you play. Probably not my field … I was a concert violinist, but I love all kinds of music.

I’m all about easy, if it works. So I’ll check it out. I’m waiting for a response from Xrite about my ColorMunki, but if that appears too problematic I’ll just order the Datacolor. Thanks, Forest!

Hi Christal,
I play dobro, banjo and guitar - mostly in the bluegrass-realm. First instruments were blues harmonica and alto sax. I also work in audio recording so music and all that tech is something I’m into.

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Hii Chrystal, the current 64 bit software for Color Munki is called i1Studio. You should be able to download it from: https://www.xrite.com/service-support/product-support/calibration-solutions/colormunki-display. Works fine on my iMac and MBP running Big Sur, and it a free download.

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Thanks, Jared! There is something about a measurement tool, which I’m not completely understanding. I’ll try to work through it and see if I can get it to work. Thanks for your input and link!

Hi again. The version I have is I don’t have my color munki with me and about to go on a trip. I think on the first page click on display. On the second page it reminds you to set the monitor to default that you do in system preferences. Choose your white point that I admit I ignore other that choosing photo ‘cause I don’t understand the rest. Click next. I believe the measure instrument or also on the same page says “please connect a measurement device to your computer” with USB cable icon is the actual color munki. If I remember right just plug it in and click next. Let me know if you need more help, be back in a week.

Cristal, I also have a ColorMunki and had the same issue this past year when I was setting up my MacBook for Professional Intensive. I saw Jared’s post and link, but I found it was easier when I went to the customer support site for the European Union and was able to upgrade my software to Catalina without a hitch. I believe they now have an update for Big Sur.


I hope that helps.

Jared, thanks so much for taking the time to help me. I have done everything you said to do. For some reason when I get to the part where it says ‘please connect device’, I do so but then it won’t let me proceed. I’ve tried plugging the device in to different ports. It just doesn’t recognize it. Weird. It worked last time I used it, so I don’t think it’s defective. I’m still working on this. If I can’t get it pretty soon I’m just going to buy a new updated device. Hope you had a nice trip!

Kevin, thanks for chiming in on this. The link you sent looks promising. I’ll have to deal with it in a few days. My 94-year-old mother-in-law just broke her hip (and maybe ankle), so we’re dealing with that right now. I’ll get back to this problem when I can. I’ll let you know! Thanks SO much!

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Hi Again. Yep, as Kevin mentioned the 64 bit version for Big Sur is 1.6, which works on my MBP; altho I launched it on my iMac running Big Sur and I had version 1.5 installed, and that worked too. The only two things I can suggest is plug in the ColorMunki before you launch i1Studio, not wait for a prompt. Also when you have done the calibration, assuming it works, is leave the Colormunki plugged in until you save the profile, because when I unplugged it when the instructions said I could, the software wouldn’t let me save the profile until I plugged it back in. You could try to trash the version you installed and the preferences (Liibrary/preferences/com.xrite.i1Studio.plist) restart your computer and reinstall and try again. Good luck.